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The Zumbug is so much more than a stripy Horstachio.

–The Journal's description of the Zumbug.

The Zumbug is a purple zebra piñata evolved from the Horstachio. Although they don’t care about what people think of them, they grow jealous of the Horstachio, and may even beat them in fights. When minding their own businesses, the Chewnicorn might start a fight with these short animals and often might get them sick.

Originally from desert lands, the Zumbug is a circus piñata and is the shortest of its kind. They live in citrus-like tents and like to be alone - and especially like to be away from the Roario. If you go into its home without permission, it may give you a piece of its mind.

Proving that hunches can pay off, the Zumbug is born from that extra bit of black and white in a Horstachio's diet. Given long grass, a freedom to roam provided that manes are behind bars and no other equine Piñatas to butt heads with, it'll fit in fine.


Most of the Zumbug’s body is covered in dark purple stripes covering a light purple body, similar to a zebra's black and white stripes. It also has lime green irises and a dark purple, bristly mane. Compared to other horse-like creatures, the Zumbug appears to be the smallest, with four short legs and a long muzzle.

Requirements (Original)

Resident Requirements

Romance Requirements

Variant 1 Requirements (Blue)

Variant 2 Requirements (Pink)

Variant 3 Requirements (Orange)

Requirements (Trouble in Paradise)

Resident Requirements

Romance Requirements

Variant 1 Requirements (Blue)

Variant 2 Requirements (Pink)

Variant 3 Requirements (Orange)

Trick Requirements

  • Trick #1: Feed it a Daisy.
  • Trick #2: Feed it a Blackberry.

Wildcard Variants

  • Wildcard #1: Balled tail.
  • Wildcard #2: A curly second tail above the regular tail
  • Wildcard #3: A second pair of ears

Requirements (Trouble in Paradise - Just for Fun)

Requirements (Pocket Paradise)



Variant (Pink)

Zumbug Uses

  • 5 Zumbugs in the garden helps to meet the Roario's Visit requirements.
  • Eating 2 Zumbugs helps to meet the Roario's Resident requirements. (Original and Trouble in Paradise)
  • Eating 1 normal Zumbug and 1 variant Zumbug helps to meet the Roario's Resident requirements. (Pocket Paradise)

Species Conflicts


  • None

Eaten By



The Zumbug Home is a circus tent like-building, a reference to a real-life circus. The tent is different shades of purple, and has several glowing lights all around, and surrounded by hay. Outside of the home, it has a “No Roarios” sign, indicating that Roarios, their enemies are not welcome.

Main article: Zumbug Home

Glitches and Errors

  • A Zumbug's head can clip through its house upon entering.
  • Zumbugs can leave the outside garden for short moments before coming back in.
  • The Zumbug will sometimes sleep with its eyes open.

In the TV Series

Hamilton as a Zumbug.

Hamilton Horstachio

Hamilton Horstachio is a character in the Viva Piñata TV series. Featured in the episode Horstachio of a Different Color he is Hudson Horstachio's archrival. In the episode he managed to become more popular than Hudson making Hudson depressed. Hamilton enters a Horstachio competition and gets disqualified due to him transforming into a Zumbug.


  • On rare occasions, you can spot a non resident Zumbug outside the garden, even if no Zumbugs have broken or left the garden due to sadness.
  • The Zumbug is one of the easier piñata to evolve.
  • Just like the Doenut, the Zumbug harms no other piñata.


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