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Willy Builder is a man who works to build buildings. He builds houses for Piñatas as well as produce stations for piñatas that can make produce items such as milk and wool. He can also build structures such as the Mine and a house for Helpers, and in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, he can also build the Garden Store which stores items in the garden. In his shop you can hire him to build buildings using Chocolate Coins.

Building a Building

When Willy Builder is hired to build a building, he slowly walks to the location he was asked to build the building, enters the building cover, and then a countdown starts. When the countdown finishes, he exits the building, and then he marks the building as complete. He will then wait outside until the building is revealed by using the shovel. If left outside for too long, he may swing his wrench.

Piñata Housing

The inside of Willy Builder's store in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise.

The inside of Willy Builder's store in Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise.

All piñatas need a place to call home. Housing provides a safe and private space for piñatas, where they can rest or romance. In fact, building a house for a species is one of its Romance requirements.

Each species of piñata has its own unique style of house, that no other species can enter. After the desired housing piece is placed Willy will wander over to construct it. Once he is finished, the shovel must be used to smash the temporary construction barrier, and reveal the piñata's new home.

Selling a house lowers the happiness for all piñatas of that species. If you sell a house that has an unhatched egg, the egg will be destroyed!

Housing for a species is available from Willy Builder once that species becomes a resident, this does not require the player to also have the resident award for the piñata. (in the case of the Mystery Home both the Rashberry and the Swanana must have been a resident).

Viva Piñata

Home Price Description
Arocknid 825 The Arocknid's house is a sink covered in cobwebs.
Badgesicle 825 The Badgesicle's house is a hole in the ground.
Barkbark 1155 The Barkbark's house is a 70s diner.
Bonboon 1980 The Bonboon's house is a TP'd outhouse in a tree.
Bunnycomb 330 The Bunnycomb's house is a rabbit cage with a ramp.
Buzzenge 1155 The Buzzenge's house is a tree trunk carved as a guitar.
Buzzlegum 550 The Buzzlegum's house is a beehive covered in honey.
Candary 330 The Candary's house is a standard birdhouse.
Chewnicorn 2475 The Chewnicorn's house is a castle of clouds with a rainbow.
Chippopatamus 1980 The Chippopatamus' house is a hippo head made of mud.
Cinnamonkey 1540 The Cinnamonkey's house is a barrel on a spring.
Cluckles 550 The Cluckles' house is a tall chicken coop.
Cocoadile 1155 The Cocoadile's house is a crudely made wooden crocodile head.
Crowla 825 The Crowla's house is a model of the haunted mansion from "Grabbed by the Ghoulies" in a tree.
Doenut 1155 The Doenut's house is a disco club.
Dragumfly 1540 The Dragumfly's house is a suit of armor.
Eaglair 2475 The Eaglair's house is a cliff-top saloon.
Elephanilla 2475 The Elephanilla's house is an Indian palace.
Fizzlybear 5600 The Fizzlybear's house is a beach hut.
Fourheads 1980 The Fourheads' house is a Greek temple.
Fudgehog 550 The Fudgehog's house is a pile of leaves.
Galagoogoo 2475 The Galagoogoo's house is a cardboard box in a sandbox.
Goobaa 1155 The Goobaa's house is a bed.
Horstachio 1540 The Horstachio's house is a western wagon.
Jameleon 825 The Jameleon's house is a green and purple tent.
Juicygoose 850 The Juicygoose's house is a colorfully flowered bonnet.
Kittyfloss 825 The Kittyfloss' house is an oriental hut.
Lackatoad 825 The Lackatoad's house is a bottle of poison.
Lickatoad 330 The Lickatoad's house is a windmill with an entrance ramp.
Macaracoon 1155 The Macaracoon's house is a giant trash can.
Mallowolf 1540 The Mallowolf's house is a stone wolf head resembling the wolf head from Sabre Wulf.
Moozipan 1540 The Moozipan's house is an upside-down udder.
Mothdrop 330 The Mothdrop's house is a giant lightbulb.
Mousemallow 165 The Mousemallow's house is a grandfather clock.
Newtgat 550 The Newtgat's house is a Japanese paper lantern.
Parrybo 1980 The Parrybo's house is a pirate's treasure chest featuring Mr. Ribs from Grabbed by the Ghoulies.
(first appears as Mystery Home)
1980 The Pigxie's house is a cross between the Rashberry's house and the Swanana's house.
Ponocky 1155 The Ponocky's house is a pink stable.
Pretztail 330 The Pretztail's house is a barn.
Profitamole 825 The Profitamole's house is a small mine.
Pudgeon 1155 The Pudgeon's house is a statue of Professor Pester covered in droppings.
Quackberry 550 The Quackberry's house is a wooden pirate ship.
Raisant 550 The Raisant's house is a termite mound.
Rashberry 825 The Rashberry's house is an army bunker.
Reddhott 1155 The Reddhott's house is an arm holding a torch of lava.
Roario 3025 The Roario's house is a castle in the shape of a crown.
Salamango 1540 The Salamango's house is an active volcano surrounded by tiki heads.
Shellybean 330 The Shellybean's house is a conch shell.
Sherbat 550 The Sherbat's house is a belfry.

(To go with the saying "Bats in the belfry")

Sparrowmint 165 The Sparrowmint's house is a hanging bird's nest.
Squazzil 550 The Squazzil's house is a giant acorn in an oak tree.
Swanana 1540 The Swanana's house is a beautiful temple surrounded by a moat.
Sweetooth 1155 The Sweetooth's house is a beaver dam.
Syrupent 165 The Syrupent's house is a stone snake head.
Taffly 165 The Taffly's house is a flyzapper.
Twingersnap 825 The Twingersnap's house is an Aztec temple.
Whirlm 55 The Whirlm's house is a network of pipes.
White Flutterscotch 330 The Flutterscotch's house is a butterfly garden.
Zumbug 1980 The Zumbug's house is a carnival tent.

Special Buildings

These buildings are used for specific tasks in your garden.

Special Buildings
Building Price Requirement Use
Honey Hive 66 Level 5 Required for Buzzlegum to produce honey.
Shearing Shed 462 Goobaa residing Required for Goobaa to produce wool.
Milking Shed 616 Moozipan residing Required for Moozipan to produce milk.
Helper House 220 Level 10 A place for helpers to sleep, lets them start work sooner.
Mine 16,500 Level 26 Your diggerling can dig for treasure here.

Needed to gain a Dragonache.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why do all piñatas [of a species] tend to flock to the same house?

This is an innate ability that all piñatas possess, illustrating the adage 'Birds of a feather flock together.' Fortunately it only applies to when they're tired and want to sleep. When romancing, they'll seek the closest house. Clever gardeners who desire to mass-romance a species can use this to their advantage, by carefully situating multiple houses in a garden.

My Helper House has disappeared. Any ideas?

The most likely culprits are the Ruffians. If they've been visiting your garden, one of them probably smashed it while your back was turned. Get yourself a Captain's Cutlass to keep them out of your garden. The other (less likely) possibilities are that it's turned invisible, or that someone else has been playing in your garden, and sold it.

What level do you have to be to get the Mystery House?

The Mystery Home should show up in the Housing list (not Special Buildings), once you've got a Rashberry. It should initially appear as Mystery Home (with a ? icon or Pigxie icon).


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