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"Whirlm With a Dream" is the seventh episode of Viva Piñata's first season. It aired in the United States on September 16, 2006 and in Canada on December 2, 2006.


Several Piñatas are lining up to be shot out of the Cannoñata. But when it's Fergy's turn he is nowhere to be found! Langston calls for a replacement piñata and Wilson Whirlm steps up. However, with only one piece of Candy in him he can't be shot. After being rejected, he stumbles upon Hudson, Paulie, Franklin, and Les relaxing. Most of the piñatas put him down except Hudson who tells him that he could become a real party animal if he believed in himself! Later, Langston is in hot pursuit of Fergy trying to force him into going to a party. Meanwhile, Wilson is back at the Whirlm House eating dirt. But he is depressed so his parents ask him what the problem is. He says that he wants to be a party piñata and eat candy. Everyone laughs at his dream and mocks him. He tells them that they'll all see and storms off.

Wilson then goes to Hudson in desperation asking him to train him to do to a party. Hudson agrees and they begin practicing. But nothing that he tries works! After failure at Hudson's home Candiosity meter, Fergy runs in still being chased by Langston. When he finds Wilson trying to get sent to a party he is furious. He tells Wilson that he hates the idea of being bashed to pieces and that his dream is a terrible one. Wilson runs back to the Whirlm colony, ready for humiliation but finds that the Whirlms have changed their mind and would all really like to go to a party. Wilson is overjoyed! Fergy runs over to apologize, but as soon as Wilson tells him off Fergy gets a brilliant idea! They take all the Whirlms and put them in the shape of a Fudgehog. Then they paint each Whirlm a corresponding color and send them to Pinata central to fool Langston into thinking that it was Fergy. The plan works! The Whirlms go to a party and Langston is fooled. Until he sees Fergy lying exhausted from all the running. The chase continues!

Gameplay Tips

  • Whirlms have the least amount of Candy and value than any other piñata.
  • Whirlms are the smallest piñata in the game.


  • Langston: I'll get you yet, Fudgehog!
  • Hudson: You really wanna do this?
  • Wilson: Yeah! I wanna be a popular party piñata like you!
  • Hudson: Naturally, but you know it's not all fun and games...sometimes kids THROW UP.
  • Hudson: Expand your consciousness, grasshopper.
  • Wilson: Whirlm!
  • Fergy: Hudson, can I live in your medicine cabinet?
  • Ella: Never thought I'd see the day...What day is it?


Characters which make their first appearances in this episode are: