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This is a main policy list for the Viva Piñata Wiki. Following the policy described below will enhance your experience on the wiki and minimize the chance that your privileges will be removed.

Main Policy

  • Always follow Fandom's Terms of Use.
  • This is the English Viva Piñata wiki, as such, please write and speak in English at all times, except when writing information about what the topic of an article is named in other languages.
  • If some information related to the article appears to be missing, you are allowed to add the information to the article by editing the page.
  • Pages should follow the Manual of Style. Please note that the Manual of Style is not complete as of right now.
  • Do not do disruptive edits on the wiki, such as vandalism, spam, or unjustified removal of content relevant to an article.
  • Do not create placeholder pages with less than two sentences. Pages that merely say "Placeholder" or other similar things, or have less than two sentences of content, will be considered as spam and deleted.
  • Do not attempt to get around a block to perform more disruptive actions on the wiki. If it is determined that a new account was created to get around a blocked account, the sockpuppets, or alternate accounts, will be blocked as well.

Blocking Policy

  • Users must be warned of the policy/rule they're violating at least once before they're blocked. Violations only after the user has been informed of the policy on a talk page count towards a block.
  • Abusing the block feature to disable users who are clearly working within policy guidelines is not acceptable and will result in a loss of privileges.

Image Policy

  • Don't use generic names for images when uploading. Names such as "image.jpg", "mallowolf1.png", or "10-05-2019 18-49-12-khgbunch.png" are too generic and are not acceptable file names.
  • "*Item* Journal.png" is the recommended name for the journal image of an item in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise.

Other Information

  • The official Viva Piñata Wiki Discord server is the one linked on the site. You may find it on the right side of the home page. The same server is used for both Viva Piñata Wiki and Viva Piñata Fanon Wiki.

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