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The manual of style is a guideline for the styling and formatting of most pages on the wiki. It is recommended that you follow the Manual of Style when editing pages.

Please note that the manual of style is heavily incomplete and more information will be added in the future.

If you want to discuss changes to the manual of style, go to Project talk:Manual of Style.

Page Titles

All pages about specific objects found in the game series such as pages about a specific type of plant, Piñata, or a specific character will be spelled and capitalized exactly as found in the game's journal entry, preferably Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, accent characters included. An example is the Fire weed, the page will not be spelled as "Fireweed" because the Journal in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise specifically states the name "Fire weed" with a space. Another example is the Venus Piñata Trap, since the accented Piñata word was used in the tile in the journal, it will be spelled with the accented ñ. A redirect for the Venus Pinata Trap without the accented ñ character will be created to redirect to the correct accented title.

The title for the episode "The Antlers are Blowin' in the Wind."

Each page about TV series episodes will be named exactly as the name presented on the title card of the episode.

Page Formatting

All section titles will be in title case, so "How the Page Will Be Formatted" will be used instead of "How the page will be formatted" when naming a section.

Each subpage shown above in the Subpages section will discuss a different type of page, such as Game Series Episodes, TV Series characters, Piñata Species, TV Episodes, TV Series Events.


Templates are used to increase consistency across pages.


Infoboxes should be placed at the absolute top of the page, before any other content is on the page.

For easier editing, each argument/section of the infobox template should be on its own line. In addition, the "{{Infobox (name)" part at the beginning and the "}}" part at the end should be on their own lines.

Following these rules, the suggested formatting looks something like this.

{{Infobox piñata
| title = Smelba
| image = SmelbaPV.jpg
| imagealt = Smelba
| level = 6
| journal = ''Smelbas have many endearing qualities... that most people ignore because they are fixated on the smells that come from this misunderstood little [[Piñata]]. That said, if you want to send a [[Ruffian]] packing, fire this stink-bomb in the right direction.''
| abilities = Can scare [[Ruffians]] using dark green spray
| candy = Peach melba
| value = 2100
| attack = Socks
| animal = Skunk
| sourspecies = [[Sour Smelba]]

Page Notices

Boxed page notices all use the Template:Notice box template.

Navigation Boxes

Stub templates

Stub templates will be placed sandwiched between the navigation box templates and the categories, all of which should be at the bottom of the page.


Galleries should be above any navigation box templates and below all other content sections. Galleries can be created using the <gallery> tag. Using the Gallery page template, links to gallery sub pages can be created. All piñata species should have their own gallery sub-page, as well as all game series characters, and TV series characters who have more than 20 images of them on the wiki.

Gallery Sub Pages


This is a list of sections that each gallery sub page should be separated into, and the order in which they should be in.

  • Artwork
  • Game Series
    • Title Cards
    • Screenshots
    • Piñata Vision Cards
  • TV Series
    • Title Cards
    • Screenshots

For species pages which have separate gallery pages of characters of that species, a "See Also" section with links to those pages should be located below the sections of the gallery, but above the categories on the page.


Categories should be at the absolute bottom of the page after any other content and templates. This will list the category tree that will be used.

Category ordering

This describes the suggested and recommended order of categories.

See Also