Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise is a 2008 remake of the Xbox 360 version of Viva Piñata for the Nintendo DS, developed by Rare and published by THQ.


Most of the features in the Xbox 360 version are retained or translated to this game, making this close in gameplay to the Xbox 360 version. The controls are adapted to utilize the touch screen of the console. Some features of gameplay are different from the original game, such as the leveling system only having eleven levels instead of 100+ levels as in the original game and Costolot's Store not selling Fertilizer, thus requiring the player to use a Taffly to make Fertilizer. Also, players can stockpile up to nine packets of a color of Fertilizer, and only one fertilizer is required to fertilize a plant that is not a tree.

New features include the addition of a Playground mode allowing for experimentation without the risk of Ruffians and Dastardos interfering, and detail checking in the Journal on piñatas not found by the player in the gardens. Training episodes are also added showing clips of the Viva Pinata television series along with some characters featured in the series such as Fergy Fudgehog, Hudson Horstachio, Paulie Pretztail, and Franklin Fizzlybear.

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