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A red variant Whirlm.

Every species has three color variants which must be discovered through various means. Feeding a piñata certain items will change their color, sometimes they have to eat more than one item to change colors. For example, feeding a Turnip to a Whirlm immediately changes its color to a purple Whirlm, feeding a Bottle of medicine to a Twingersnap turns it pink, but a Mousemallow must eat a Daisy and a Bluebell for it to change to a white Mousemallow.

A piñata that is already a variant cannot be reverted back to its original color or changed into a different variant color. To acquire all variant awards for a species, three separate piñatas must be used to turn into the three variant colors. Each variant award rewards the player with four points of experience.

Generally, turning a piñata into a variant will increase its value, however, some variants will reduce the base value of the piñata drastically. For instance, all 3 of the Eaglair and Galagoogoo variations reduce its base value of 4500 chocolate coins down to a mere 100.

The variants of a piñata does not change romance so romancing an orange Whirlm with a purple Whirlm is still allowed. However, variant piñatas romancing will not produce an egg with a variant piñata.

In Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise there is only one color variant for each piñata, however the Journal lists the requirements to obtain the color variant for this Piñata even if the variant has not been obtained yet.


In Viva Piñata and Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, unlike normal piñatas which have three variants, the White Flutterscotch has no variants. Instead, it can evolve into various colors of Flutterscotch. A non-White Flutterscotch cannot evolve into a different color of Flutterscotch.

In Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise, the colored Flutterscotches are considered variants of the White Flutterscotch.


I bred 2 variant Whirlms and got a regular whirlm. Shouldn't it have been variant, too? No, only Piñatas that were either hatched with or colored to have variants will have them.

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