The Tulip Seed grows a tulip flower.

Many years ago, a man was washed up on the shore of Piñata Island. He was pulled from the sea by a family of hamsters. When he recovered, he could only remember his name and in his poackets he had some seeds. The seeds grew into tulips, and the story was passed down. Now almost everyone knows about the tulips from Hamster Dan.

The base value of a tulip is 150 coins.


Surface requirements: Tulip seed should be planted in grass, soil or long grass.

Catalyst requirements: For bonus growth purple fertilizer, cocoadile tears or special mix fertilizer should be used.



  • Having 16 tulips or 8 Mothdrops in the garden is required for a Galagoogoo to visit.


  • Eating 4 tulips is required for a Galagoogoo to become a resident.


  • Eating 2 tulip seeds is required for a Badgesicle to romance.
  • Eating 1 tulip is required for a Doenut and a Sherbat to romance.


  • Eating 1 tulip seed is required for a Goobaa to turn into a black variant.
  • Eating 1 tulip is required for a White Flutterscotch to turn into a Black Flutterscotch.