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The Trap - Ultimate Edition.

A Trap is a special crate introduced in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise used to enclose piñatas in the Piñarctic and Dessert Desert and send them to the Post Office, where they can then be placed in the garden to release a piñata. An alert will appear notifying the user when the trap has been activated, which is caused by a piñata walking on it. The user can immediately summon the crate to the main garden, and the player can open the crate and release the piñata captured, if the trap captured a piñata. If the trap did not catch a piñata, the crate will instantly break when the user attempts to unpack the crate.

The trap must have bait placed on top of it in order for the trap to be able to catch a Piñata. If a piñata walks on top of the trap with no bait or bait that does not properly match the piñata's preferences, the trap will scare the piñata away and activate, resulting in no piñata being caught.

There are three levels of traps. The lower level, less expensive traps may break when capturing a piñata, resulting in the piñata being lost. Only the Trap - Ultimate Edition is guaranteed to not break when capturing a piñata, though that does not guarantee that a piñata will be captured successfully. The player is able to manually abort the trap, activating it, and then break the trap after it activated. A horn will play when the trap breaks.

Trap Limitations

During the tutorial of the game, a free Trap - Home Edition is offered to the player. Until the player traps a piñata successfully, Langston will not allow the player to place more than one Trap - Home Edition. After this is done, the Trap - Home Edition will revert to its default price of 50 chocolate coins. At lower gardener levels, the player can only place one trap at a time in either the Piñarctic or the Dessert Desert, not one in both. At higher levels, the amount of traps allowed at a time increases to up to five in either garden.


Image Name Price Level Information
Trap - Home Edition.png Trap - Home Edition 50 1 The Home Edition Trap is the trap for basic home trapping needs. If you only want to use your trap for tasks like catching Piñatas, catching pests and catching nothing, then Home Edition may be the right edition for you. While it won't provide as many benefits as Business or Ultimate, it will help you trap Piñatas more easily and more safely than you could with just a net.
Trap - Business Edition.png Trap - Business Edition 200 6 The Business Edition is the first trap designed specifically to meet the needs of business-minded Piñata hunters. Your trapping enterprise will work more efficiently with a stunning, simple-to-use interface that makes it easier to trap the Piñatas you need quickly and easily, both in Piñarctic and Dessert Desert conditions. With powerful new safety features, you'll never lose a finger again...
Trap - Ultimate Edition.png Trap - Ultimate Edition 800 6 When you want to trap them all, and have the ability to shift smoothly between garden regions without worry, there's the Ultimate Edition Trap. You'll never have to worry about catching the highest level Piñatas again. This trap offers an advanced, riveted steel structure, our smoothest ever closing motion, and a comfortable experience for your trapped Piñatas, all in a single offering.
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