The Toadstool Seed grows a toadstool weed.

I have never once seen a Lickatoad sit on one of these unpleasant little plants. Sensible Piñata are advised to stay clear of the toadstool all together. The toadstool is almost irresistible to Piñatas - its bright colors mimic candy, and Piñatas tend to be more hungry than clever.

Eating a toadstool will make most Pinatas unwell.

Toadstools can be tinkered by Bart to make a mushroom.


Surface requirements: Toadstool seed should be grown in mud, grass, soil or long grass.

Catalyst requirements: N/A



  • Having 2 mushrooms in the garden is required for the Sour Profitamole to become a resident.


  • Eating 1 toadstool is required for a Fourheads to romance.
  • Eating 2 toadstools is required for a Lickatoad to romance.


  • Eating 1 mushroom is required for a Macaracoon to turn into a yellow variant.
  • Eating 1 mushroom and 1 watercress is required for a Chippopotamus to turn into a yellow/ green variant.
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