"To Catch A Pester" is an episode of Viva Piñata's second season.


Hudson Horstachio captures Professor Pester and traps him in Piñata State Prison. Professor Pester is then treated to by Mabel Moozipan who ends up giving him milk, food, and a milkshake. The rest of the guardsmates end up entering the prison as well to tend for him. At night the Ruffians break in the prison using a key which is then swallowed by Professor Pester, who actually wants to stay in the prison due to having things he wanted giving to him.

Later, a judge jury is started with Langston Lickatoad complaining about Professor Pester not getting a satisfactory holiday sauce. Hudson reveals he was paying for everything that Professor Pester wanted using Langston's Piñata Central Platinum Card. Langston decided that he needs to leave the prison The Ruffians break in the jury and says that Professor Pester has swallowed the key to his cell and has no intention of leaving, but want him home. At the cell, Langston and the crew install a ventilation system for the vent, so that they can enter. However, they get trapped in due to Franklin Fizzlybear mailing a check on Snail Mail carried by Shirley Shellybean. During the next evening Kent Kittyfloss takes away the prison due to Langston not paying for the prison cage, which Professor Pester is displeased about due to wanting its comforts, and Mabel Moozipan is not pleased due to perfecting her holiday sauce and wanting to feed it to Professor Pester.


  • Stop rushing me! -- Shirley Shellybean


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