The Talented Mr. Hack is the twenty-eight episode of the second season of the Viva Piñata television series, and the eightieth episode of the TV series overall. It originally aired in North America on April 27, 2008.


The episode opens with a hillbilly Horstachio leaving home to the general to get some hayseeds. While walking down the road, he sees a banjo on the ground. As he gleefully plays it, he gets captured by Simone Cinnamonkey and taken Hudson's lair where he meets Hudson Horstachio himself. The Horstachio introduced himself as Hack. Hudson then begin to explain his situation and hires Hack as his impersonator to which Hack accepts. After some remodeling on Hack's voice and appearance, Hudson transforms Hack into an exact version of himself. Hack then comes to Hudson's friends and does his job of impersonating Hudson to them which works as they can't tell the difference. While Hudson goes off to his good appointments, Hack ended up going to all the bad appointments which he gets tired of. That night at Hudson's house, Hudson tells Hack to give him a hoof rub. As he is doing this, Hack complains about their deal not being fair, but Hudson doesn't care and hangs Hack on a hook as he goes to bed which proves to be the final straw for Hack.

The next day, Hack captures Hudson saying that he is reversing their deal as he wants the feel of the good life that Hudson had.



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