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Considered by many to be the wisest of the wise, the Piñata known only as The Bonboon sits in tranquil meditation under the shade of the oldest tree in the garden... next to the outhouse. Piñatas come to the Bonboon seeking answers to life's biggest questions, like "Why am I here? What is true Happiness/ Why did the Cluckle cross the road?" The Bonboon always has an answer... and that that answer usually involves giving him all your candy, cleaning his house, giving him a full body massage, etc. You see, what the piñatas don't realize is that the Bonboon not so much a wise man as he is a con man! After seeing him you best check that your wallet hasn't been stolen!



  • Boom shaka laka laka boom shaka boom... Ah, a visitor. Welcome, lowly seeker of truth. How may I blow your teeny tiny mind?
  • To become smaller, you must become larger.
  • 'Five' is the answer to many questions, is it not?


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