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Storkos (ストーコス Sutōkosu) is the egg deliverer on Piñata Island. She delivers eggs to your piñatas from Egg Mountain after they have done their romantic dance, and drops them next to the house where they romanced. She is able to fly and carry eggs while in the air.

To get piñatas to do a romantic dance, you will have to meet the specific requirements for that species. (ex; a Sparrowmint has to have a house, and eat a Whirlm for romance)

Storkos is a child of Jardiniero, just like Seedos and Leafos. She lives in an egg house hanging from the mountain.


Storkos is an overweight, light skinned woman with dark blue irises and brown hair that ends in two ponytails. She wears a sky blue mask which has a striped blue and white pole on top that has a yellow egg on top of a tuft of brown hair. She wears a striped sky blue dress that covers up her arms and hands as well. She also wears a yellow striped cape along with sky blue pants.


Storkos was born at sea, and she was named after the storks which were following the ship the time she was born. She grew up on ships running around the decks pretending she had superpowers, naturally she solved the egg problem (eggs kept being smashed because the piñatas had to get their eggs from Egg Mountain themselves) by becoming Piñata Island's Super Hero! (Well that's what she thinks she is!)

She acquired the ability to fly due to an accident with a transportation pod with a Taffly.


  • My ability to fly came from an experiment where I tried to teleport myself to the other Piñata Island regions through a series of matter transportation pods I had devised. Little did I know a Taffly got into another of the pods...


  • Initially, Storkos was to have an outfit blatantly stork styled, with a stork face on top of a long "neck" above her head, and a line of blue feather on her arms. The fake stork head appears to hold on to an egg held by a cloth sheet. She also would have had green hair instead of the dark brown as she has in the final game.


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