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Welcome to the Viva Piñata Wiki! Here is a community created to-do list.

High Priority

Medium Priority

  • Upload journal screenshots for each building, decoration, accessory, and produce item. The suggested name for these images are "*Item name exactly as stated in the Journal* Journal.png" and it is preferable that you upload with that name.

Low Priority

  • Mark pages with minimal content with the Stub template.
    • Somebody has created a surplus of pages with barely any content and without the Stub template. These pages should be marked with the Stub template so that users looking for pages to expand can find these pages.
  • Create pages for each TV series episode, and post various screenshot images to each episode article.
  • Create pages for each page linked to by the Produce navigation box template.
  • Create pages for each accessory, decoration, and building in the games.
  • Add infoboxes to each accessory, plant, seed, and produce page.
  • Add journal entries to the infobox of each page about an item featured in the journal.
  • Update the episode listing tables for more consistency.
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