Les Galagoogoo moving the Sour Ball.

Sour Ball Soccer is a sports game of soccer (or football as it is refered as in certain regions). Annually, a championship tournament event occurs on Piñata Island which is hosted by Pierre Parrybo.

The sport was first seen in the episode Snail's Pace, in which the blue team was competing against the red team consisting of Mallowolves. The blue team members are Fergy Fudgehog, Paulie Pretztail, Franklin Fizzlybear, Hudson Horstachio, Les Galagoogoo, Tina and Teddington Twingersnap, Dr. Quackberry, Langston Lickatoad, Monty Mousemallow, Prewitt Profitamole, Rory Rashberry, & Shirley Shellybean. The episode starts out with the blue team winning a match to reach a 3-3 score. Dr. Quackberry is knocked out and is substituted by the only remaining player, Shirley.

Then, the final match starts, with the blue team leading. The Sour Mallowolf Gang gets fed up with the red team losing points and is substituted into the red team and the blue team starts to lose. After Shirley claims she is only dead weight and thinks of quitting, the blue team then decides that Shirley will be dead weight, and starts to win the match. They then beat the red team and the tournament.

Sour Ball

Shirley kicking the Sour Ball incredibly far into the air.

The Sour Ball is an object used for the sport. Despite being named a "Sour Ball" it is only colored red and is not actually sour.

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