For answers to commonly asked Sickness questions, see below.

A sick Sparrowmint.

Sometimes a Piñata will get sick. A sick piñata gets a green tint, and lies on the ground looking and sounding unwell. You may call Doc Patchingo to heal a sick resident piñata for a small fee. If left untreated, the witch doctor Dastardos will make his way to the sick piñata and eventually break it once he reaches the piñata. A sick non-resident piñata in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise will break quickly on its own.

Reasons why a Piñata gets sick are:

  • Losing a fight. This increases the times injured count, but otherwise has the same effects as getting sick by other means.
  • Eating Sour Candy.
  • Getting whacked with the shovel multiple times.
  • Near poisonous plants, like the toadstool.
  • Not enough room to roam, due to being trapped or confined in a fenced area too small.

If there is a resident Chewnicorn in the garden, you may direct it to a sick piñata to heal it. Note that after a Chewnicorn has healed a piñata, some time must pass before it can heal again.

Additionally, the Halo of Hardness accessory will automatically heal a sick piñata that has it on.

Broken piñatas

When a resident piñata is broken, it will float to the edge of the garden and reform as a wild piñata, losing its name, stats, and any accessories it may have been wearing. The candy in the piñata will be left in your garden for other piñata to eat.

Also, if a certain type of Piñata is beaten too much, they will be reluctant to visit your garden.

Commonly Asked Questions

What can I do about sick non-residents?

You can use a Chewnicorn to heal a sick non-resident (if it's within your garden).

Lots of my animals are suddenly coming down ill... what can I do?

Make sure your garden doesn't have any Weeds like the toadstool, which will make piñatas ill, or the thistle, which will irritate piñatas and make them fight. In Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, the Hemlock weed causes piñatas to fart Sour Candy when eaten, and spreads quickly due to being eaten and dying afterwards, so if you see lots of alerts about stunted plants along with this, Hemlocks are probably the cause.

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