Quincy Quackberry Holding Shed-No-More Potion

Dr. Quincy Quackberry holding the first Shed-No-More potion.

The Shed-No-More potion was invented by Dr. Quincy Quackberry in response to Franklin Fizzlybear's Confetti-itis disease that caused him to shed his skin as confetti, which caused the Bunnycomb group he was trying to impress to be scared and run away. Drinking it cured the disease, increased his candiosity level, and initially changed his body shape as well. Mabel Moozipan took notice of his improved body shape and started drinking it, despite not having the disease, and told other people to drink it as well. However, they started drinking too much of it and ended up starting to gain weight. They had to stop drinking it to lose the weight, however Franklin got Confetti-itis again. After the event of him gaining weight, he stopped viewing it in a negative light, as Betty Bunnycomb stopped caring about Franklin's Confetti-itis, and she reveals she has a second right ear and wants him to follow her.

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