Seedos (real name Sidos) (シードス Shīdosu) is the fourth child of Jardiniero and Mother. He enters the garden at times, and he gives away seeds if you ask him. "There is nothing more valuable than a seed."

The persuasion mentioned in the Journal refers to the fact that if you poke him several times, he'll throw seeds. You can also try talking to him but if you do that he will only throw so many (from 2-4 seeds).

If you hit Seedos multiple times, his teeth will break down to 3 or 4 and his glasses will be damaged. He will laugh madly, go away and then he will come back to your garden later and start planting Venus Piñata Trap plants or weeds. Which can ill (sicken) your piñatas.

To get new kinds of seeds from Seedos and Costolot's Store, you need to level up to unlock the ability to have the seed.


  • Hello, I'm Seedos. Take a seed. And don't hit me with your spade.


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