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Screenshot Title Original U.S. airdate Segment Number U.S. broadcast order
Wild Horstachios.png "Wild Horstachios" October 6, 2007 024 10
During a commercial shoot, Hudson accidentally ends up lost in the jungle with a pack of wild Horstachios and must “rough it” for the first time in his life if he wants to survive. Being pampered and spoiled, this isn't easy. In fact, it isn't until the pack's leader is kidnapped by Professor Pester that Hudson finally shows how tough he really can be...through the magic of camera-ready makeup.
The Abominable Jeli.png "The Abominable Jeli" September 22, 2007 039 5
In the far artic side of the island, our friends find themselves in the middle of the Great Snowball War pitting a thousand Pengums against one huge Jeli. (Are there any other kind?)
Mirror Shmirror.png "Mirror Shmirror" September 22, 2007 043 6
A freak Cannoñata accident blasts Franklin into an alternate universe – one where the garden is ruled by Spanklin Fizzlybear, a goateed, evil version of Franklin. Can Franklin, together with the Overground Resistance, end his gnarly reign?
Pester's Party.png "Pester's Party" September 8, 2007 044 2
Professor Pester has a diabolical new scheme to capture piñatas and take their candy. Hacking into the Piñata Central computer, he resets the Cannoñata's coordinates. As a result, a terrified Paulie and Fergy are shot to a fake house Pester has built in the jungle, where he and the Ruffians will masquerade as mother and children at a real piñata party. But his scheme goes disastrously wrong...
Mouse Flap.png "Mouse Flap" September 15, 2007 045 3
Monty Mousemallow is a paranoid little piñata who always thinks that the other piñatas are out to get him. When Franklin Fizzlybear accidentally sits on Monty, Monty gets all riled up and wants to beat his Fizzlybear behind! Can Franklin chill this mouse up? Or does he have to take him out?! Paulie may have an idea...
Snow Place Like Home.png "Snow Place Like Home" September 15, 2007 046 4
Paulie and Fergy decide to "retire" so that they will no longer have to worry about Langston Lickatoad. The Bonboon sells them land in a new "retirement paradise" called "Amazing Acres". But when our guys arrive, they discover that "Amazing Acres" is located in the frozen arctic tundra. It’s up to Franklin, Hudson, and Les to travel to the Arctic North and save their buddies from permanent frostbite.
High Plains Drafter.png "High Plains Drafter" September 8, 2007 047 1
A masked Mallowolf named 'El Sketcho' moseys into the Garden. Armed with a bandoleer of pencils, a hand-crank pencil sharpener and rolls of paper - El Sketcho wounds the piñatas' egos with quick draw, rapid fire caricatures of them. There's only one hombre with the artistic skills to send El Sketcho packing: Franklin! But will he?
My Pal Langston.png "My Pal Langston" September 29, 2007 048 8
Fergy’s tired of hiding from Langston to keep from being sent to parties. So Paulie devises a plan to get Langston to become Fergy's best friend - because friends don’t make friends party if they don’t want to! They study Langston’s behavior for Fergy to copy so they’ll seem to be like-minded. Soon enough, Langston ends up befriending Fergy and even keeps him from going to parties to spend more time with him. But Fergy discovers that Langston’s a pretty high-maintenance friend and it drives him nuts.
Snail's Pace.png "Snail’s Pace" September 29, 2007 050 7
Fergy and the gang have made it to the Finals of the Piñata Island Soccer tournament – despite having Shirley Shelleybean on their team. But when a gang of thuggish pinatas kidnap the other team, they need every player to fight to the finish – including Shirley.
My Sweet Sours.png "My Sweet Sours" October 13, 2007 051 11
Professor Pester recalls his early days, when he created the Sour to fulfill an evil plan. But evil plans have a way of going way wrong...
Hudson on Hudson.png "Hudson on Hudson" October 6, 2007 052 9
When Hudson puts on a show with a miniature puppet of himself as the co-star, the two share their favorite moments in a trip down memory lane. But as the show goes on the egos swell – is there enough room in the spotlight for two showboating Hudsons?
Hudson Tells All.png "Hudson Tells All" November 3, 2007 053 16
When Hudson records catch-phrases for a new Hudson Speak-a-Doll, he simultaneously argues with the Sweetooth Construction Team that built a dam in his pool. His heated words get recorded as well, and when the doll comes out it tells everyone off! Can Hudson repair his damaged reputation?!
A Terrible Tribute.png "A Terrible Tribute" October 20, 2007 056 12
Hudson has had a long and illustrious career as a party pinata, so it’s time for a surprise “This is Your Life”-style tribute show. Hudson is uncomfortable when a parade of pinatas from his past reveal that he was once a BIG NERDY LOSER! But then he bolts out of the studio in terror, believing that a worse, darker secret is about to be revealed.
Hudson's Holiday.png "Hudson's Holiday" October 27, 2007 057 15
Hudson is so overworked that he develops a wacky, stress-driven facial twitch that threatens to ruin his career. His agent Simone drops him on a deserted island to relax, but Hudson still can't stop entertaining and the twitch gets worse. Thinking him cured, Simone sets Hudson up at a live show. When his twitch nearly ruins everything it's up to Simone to save the day.
Langston's Jameleon Cousins.png "Langston's Jameleon Cousins" November 3, 2007 059 17
Langston Lickatoad's croaking with fear when his three Jameleon cousins pay him a surprise visit because they're mischievous pranksters. What's worse, they are practically invisible thanks to their camouflage abilities. They create such mayhem that Piñata Central comes to a halt which Fergy loves. That is until Fergy makes the huge mistake of inviting the cousins to stay with him to make sure they never leave.
The Fudgetive.png "The Fudgetive" November 10, 2007 060 18
Faced with the prospect of attending the Big Little League Luau – and being whacked by an endless stream of bratty batters – Fergy decides to stage his own abduction and blame it on Professor Pester.
Pester the Piñata.png "Pester the Piñata" October 20, 2007 061 13
In yet another attempted candy kidnapping, Professor Pester bumps his head and suddenly thinks he's a piñata. Paulie realizes this is their chance to get rid of Pester once and for all. But before they can shoot him off the island in a Cannoñata for good, Pester knows he has to go through different stages before he can become a party-ready piñata. Can the gang convince him he's at maximum candyosity and get rid of him before Pester realizes he's, well, Pester?
Fudge Match.png "Fudge Match" October 27, 2007 063 14
Flex Fudgehog comes to the garden to participate in the Party Animals Championship Challenge. Brave and accomplished, Flex soon wins over Fergy's friends. Fergy, going against everything he lies down for, must enter the race to win back his fiends with meaningless physical feats.
She Stomps at Night.png "She Stomps at Night" November 10, 2007 069 19
Professor Pester hires a daredevil Taffly to capture Ella. By crawlilng into her ear while she's asleep and directing her with HYPNOTIC SUGGESTIONS, the Taffly commands Ella to go stampeding through the garden toward Pester's trap. To save her, Paulie and Fergy must talk into the stampeding Elephanilla's other ear -- and battle the tenacious taffly for hypnotic control of her very thoughts.
Les the Jet Setter.png "Les the Jet Setter" November 17, 2007 066 20
Les invents a jet pack that gets into the hands of Fergy. Fergy uses the jet pack to fly out of the Cannoñata, hide, and pretend he’s gone to a party. But Fergy's jetpack flights have created UFO hysteria on the island. Plus, now Les has invented a remote control -- that will return his jet pack to him no matter where it is or who's wearing it!
Slayin'em at the Sands.png "Slayin'em at the Sands" November 17, 2007 058 21
Paulie's laugh-happy Pieena cousins are captured by Professor Pester, leaving only the morose Prescott Pieena, and Fergy and Paulie, to save them. Can the trio rescue the other pieenas before Pester makes them literally split their sides laughing?
Crimes of Passion Fruit.png "Crimes of Passion Fruit" November 24, 2007 067 22
Fergy schedules a meeting with the fruitiest of fruit bowls, the Big Boss himself. But when Fergy fears his complaints are going unanswered, he pounds on the boss’ desk in exasperation! And when he looks up, he sees what he’s done: HE’S POUNDED THE BOSS INTO A JUICY PULP!!!!
The Antlers Are Blowin' in the Wind.png "The Antlers are Blowin' in the Wind" November 24, 2007 062 23
Party-Refuseniks Fergy and Paulie find Machi Moojoo, a kindred soul. The three evade the Cannoñata together, but when a storm threatens the other piñatas, Machi leads them on a high-risk rescue right into the heart of Piñata Central!
Sumo Tsunami.png "Sumo Tsunami" December 1, 2007 065 24
Fergy becomes a Sumo Wrestler - for the food! He plans to get booted from the team before having to compete. But Langston Lickatoad also has a plan: to blast Fergy to a party the moment he leaves the team! Now Fergy must choose between the lesser of two terrors: Party Time? Or Sumo Time?!
Recipe for Disaster.png "Recipe for Disaster" December 1, 2007 064 25
“Extreme Cooking” comes to Piñata Island: a heart-pounding competition that combines cooking finesse with survivor skills. Paulie and Fergy enter as a team, hoping to win the Grand Prize: a lifetime supply of candy. But they will face heavy competition from Professor Pester (disguised as a happy homemaker) and his band of ruthless, bumbling, apron-clad Ruffians.
Mr. Unbustable.png "Mr. Unbustable" December 8, 2007 072 26
Fergy becomes a body builder to get out of parties. If he bulks up – becoming impossible to bust open – Piñata Central won’t want to send him anywhere. But his plan backfires when the Factory dubs him Mr. Unbustable – the unbreakable piñata! Fergy becomes a star attraction!
Too Many Fergys.png "Too Many Fergys" December 8, 2007 079 27
A time machine sends Fergy back a day where he has adventures with his day earlier self. More trips through the machine soon create a huge horde of Fergys. The first Fergy decides to put a stop to it. Can he?
Party Parasite.png "Party Parasite" September 13, 2008 078 28
Hudson finds that he can no longer generate candy. Dr. Quincy Quackberry discovers the problem is that Hudson has a dreaded party parasite inside, and that the only solution is for a crack team of piñatas to be miniaturized and go inside Hudson. The team runs into trouble when the parasite turns out to be none other than Professor Pester!
Hibernation Nation.png "Hibernation Nation" September 13, 2008 071 29
Franklin invites his friends up to a family party way up in the mountains, but after dinner, the Fizzlybears all hibernate and our friends are stuck in a snowed-in cave. Only the city-slicker Hudson can save his friends, piloting a rickety cable-car to rescue them, somehow.
Shirley Shells Out.png "Shirley Shells Out" ??? 070 31
Professor Pester, still dreaming of a sour army under his controls, comes to the Island Challenge games. He talks slow Shirley Shellybean into taking the potion that turns her into a superspeedy sour who races to the front, knocking out other piñatas, and destroying gardens along the way. But when she becomes her normal self just inches from the finish line, she has a decision to make…
The Old Piñatas Home.png "The Old Piñatas Home" ??? 055 30
Fergy and his friends visit the Old Piñatas Home, where they try to spice up the sedentary lives of the elderly residents -- with disastrous results. Even more disastrous is their effort to save the old piñatas from capture by Professor Pester and the Ruffians. In the end, the oldsters save their would-be younger rescuers.
The Transparent Trap.png "The Transparent Trap" ??? 075 32
Fergy buys some "invisiblity potion" from The Bonboon and is so convinced of his new power that he tempts fate by charging to the heart of Piñata Central.
To Catch A Pester.png "To Catch a Pester" ??? 054 33
Tired of Professor Pester's attempts to capture them, the Piñatas get proactive and capture him! But as their prisoner, Pester puts in requests: like for an HD TV, a Jacuzzi and all the candy in the world! The Piñatas are too polite to say no. After all, Pester is their guest. A guest who won't leave!
My Sweet Swanana.png "My Sweet Swanana" ??? 074 34
Macho Rory Rashberry decides that its time to find a mate. His enlists the help of Paulie and Fergy, who encourage him to try The Bonboon’s dating service, where he is fixed up with the very classy Svetlana Swanana. Will this odd pairing be a success? Or will opposites repel?
Ella Forgets to Forget.png "Ella Forgets to Forget" ??? 077 35
Fergy realizes that Ella’s bad memory makes her the perfect piñata to complain to about other piñatas – she doesn’t remember anything she’s told. He turns that into a business –- but somehow Ella now suddenly remembers EVERYTHING. Fergy tries to stop Ella from dishing the dirt on all his friends –- while Professor Pester fears his darkest secret will now be revealed…
Motivational Beak.png "Motivational Beak" ??? 073 36
Langston Lickatoad sends Fergy and Paulie to Eddie Eaglair’s motivational boot camp, to get them to party once and for all. But when the boys manage to spoil every exercise Eddie puts them through, it’s the broken-down Eaglair who’s the one in need of help.
Bringing Up Cluckle.png "Bringing Up Cluckle" ??? 083 37
When Hudson starts a “Big Brother” foundation for publicity purposes he gets more than he bargained for when one of his first clients turns out to be a Dragonache. Can the Horstachio take care of a half-ton, fire-breathing baby and not look like a fool in the press?
Beauty and the Beasts.png "Beauty and the Beasts" ??? 085 38
Hudson Horstachio is hosting the Annual Piñata Beauty Pageant. The grand prize is an Around the World Cruise with Hudson himself! When Hudson discovers that all of the contestants are his annoying old girlfriends, he presses his friends Fergy, Paulie, and Franklin to join the contest.
The Talented Mr. Hack.png "The Talented Mr. Hack" ??? 084 39
Hudson trains Hack Horstachio to impersonate him and attend undesirable celebrity engagements in his place. But his plan backfires when Hack kidnaps Hudson and steals his life! Will the gang see through Hack’s ruse? Umm, no.
De-Mock-Racy.png "De-Mock-Racy" ??? 087 40
The Big Boss orders an election for Langston Lickatoad's job. Langston runs a terrible campaign but seems like he will win –- until Hudson enters the race. The superstar Horstachio looks like a shoe-in. But when Langston lets Hudson run the factory for a day, Hudson realizes he must do something, ANYTHING to lose!!!
Her Royal Forgetfulness.png "Her Royal Forgetfulness" ??? 081 41
The piñatas make a startling discovery: Ella was once the Queen of a garden called Montepiñate! A Queen who wandered off one day and has not been seen since! This changes everything. They cater to Ella’s every whim, assume anything she says is a command, and crown her Queen of their Garden. And in this, Fergy Fudgehog sees a royal opportunity to get out of going to parties – forever!
The Wrong Stuff.png "The Wrong Stuff" ??? 088 42
Hudson is chosen to attend the very first piñata party in outer space. Too bad the party is actually a trap set by Professor Pester! It’s galactic showdown time, as the gang races to the stars to save the captured ‘star’.
Piñatametermania.png "Piñatametermania" ??? 068 43
Thanks to another fine mess from Ella Elephanilla, all the piñatas end up with the Piñatameters belonging to other piñatas. But not realizing there's been a mix up, the piñatas follow the schedule and the lives meant for others -- until Les realizes what happened and sets things right.
Heads and Tails.png "Heads and Tails" ??? 089 44
Prewitt Profitamole has a new robotic assistant who runs amok, and mistakenly attaches Hudson's head to Fergy's body. Hudson's new look makes him a laughing stock. In shame he agrees to work as the star attraction of a sideshow, where it turns out his costar is Fergy's head floating in a jar!
Speechless.png "Speechless" ??? 086 45
Tina loses her voice – and Teddington gets to speak for both of them, driving Tina crazy and driving their friends away. But when Teddy sings opera and is booed, he wishes Tina had her voice back – and Tina (who was staying silent to teach Teddy a lesson) suddenly sings, saving the day.
Good Clop, Bad Clop.png "Good Clop, Bad Clop" ??? 095 46
After Hudson fails at portraying a tough cop in a movie, he does a ride-along with the police department to learn how it’s done. Soon Hudson takes the role of policeman a little too far and ends up jailing the entire island. Professor Pester seizes on the opportunity for his own evil goals and Hudson has to tap into his true hero persona to save both the island and, more importantly, his career.
Announce This.png "Announce This" ??? 100 47
Hudson wants to be the host of Championship Challenge, but Pecky Pudgeon and Pierre stand in his way. Can he overcome his self-absorption and ignorance of sports to become a successful TV personality?
Ruffians on Strike.png "Ruffians on Strike" ??? 080 48
Hudson is being held captive in Professor Pester’s lair, where he witnesses Pester bullying the Ruffians, as usual. Hudson encourages the Ruffians to go on strike, so Pester is left without henchmen. He auditions replacements, but no one can satisfy him. Hudson is stuck with the Ruffians, who form an annoying entourage and alienate his friends. When Pester and Hudson meet up at Dr. Quincy Quackberry’s office, they come up with a “dramatic” plan to return things to normal.
Zip it Good.png "Zip it Good" ??? 098 49
When Hudson's penchant for over-indulgence pushes his Self-Control Bone to its limit, he is warned to change his ways before it shatters -- Kablooey! -- forever. Desperate to discipline himself, Hudson takes a Vow of Silence, the ultimate training in self-control. Unfortunately, the 24 hours he chooses for his regimen prove more of a challenge than he ever bargained for.
Tabloid for Two.png "Tabloid for Two" ??? 092 50
One night at the Hard Rock Candy Club, Hudson is photographed with a young starlet named Hailey Horstachio. Soon their “relationship” is splashed all over the tabloids. Simone encourages Hudson to go along with the mock romance to help his career. The charade soon gets out-of-hand, with Hudson and Hailey heading for wedded un-bliss! It’s up to the gang to derail the nuptials.
All Spun Out.png "All Spun Out" ??? 090 51
The Red Hott Club, a fancy nightclub with a revolving lounge and an all Redhott staff, opens up in the garden. The snazzy venue is stiff competition for the decrepit Dew Flap Inn. Fergy and the gang vow to remain true to their old haunt. But when Hudson is offered a gig as a Dean Martin-style headliner, he is torn between celebrity and loyalty.
Arctic Invasion.png "Arctic Invasion" ??? 082 52
A new arctic band, The Pengums, takes the island by storm. Hudson becomes jealous when his friends, fans, and own agent get swept up in the “Pengum-mania.” When Party Central is shut down as a result, Langston Lickatoad joins forces with Hudson to get rid of the band for good.
Say Uncle Hoofy.png "Say Uncle Hoofy" ??? 096 53
Fergy and Hudson set off on vaction: Fergy to visit his mother, Francine Fudgehog; Hudson to visit Uncle Hoofy Horstachio. Imagine their surprise when they pull up to the very same house! It seems that Francine and Hoofy are now a married couple. The boys move in for what is supposed to be a short stay, but soon sibling rivalry rears its ugly head and Hudson and Fergy are locked into a desperate struggle to become the "favorite son". Can Francine and Hoofy's marriage survive?
A Match Made in Court.png "A Match Made in Court" ??? 093 54
Beverly takes Hudson to court, claiming the megastar has caused her great emotional distress – by running away from her all the time. Langston Lickatoad sympathizes and slaps an “attaining order” on Hudson. Hudson must stay within 5 feet of Beverly at all times! Justice is served!
Hudson's Better Half.png "Hudson's Better Half" ??? 102 55
The latest Party Animals Championship Challenge becomes a contest between the boy pinatas and the girl pinatas, first to win the race -- and then to lose it!
Hudsonly Ever After.png "Hudsonly Ever After" ??? 099 56
To get to sleep, Hudson tells his ventriloquist's dummy the story of Hansel and Gretel, but the two of them decide there's not enough Hudson in it.
Hudson Who-Stachio?.png "Hudson Who-Stachio?" ??? 091 57
Hudson ignored by the kids at his party, begins a downward spiral which, while personally difficult for him, makes a great comeback story for the rest of us.