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A Pumpkin is a large orange vegetable. It is round and wider than it is tall.

It is famous for being able to be carved into a Jack 'o' Lantern. Bart can transform a pumpkin into a Jack 'o' Lantern in the series.

You can purchase pumpkin seeds or pumpkins from Costolot's Store, or try talking with Seedos to get a pumpkin seed.


Surface requirements: Pumpkin can be planted on grass, long grass, and dirt.

Catalyst requirements: Use orange fertilizer right after planting the pumpkin seed to increase the size of the pumpkin.



  • Eating 2 pumpkins is required for a Badgesicle to become a resident.
  • Eating 1 Jack 'o Lantern is required for a Sour Sherbat to become a resident.


  • Eating 1 pumpkin seed is required for a Cluckles to romance.
  • Eating 2 pumpkins is required for an Elephanilla to romance.


  • Eating 1 pumpkin is required for a Bunnycomb or a Dragumfly turn into an orange variant.
  • Eating 1 Jack 'o Lantern is required for an Arocknid turn it into an orange variant.
  • Eating 1 Jack 'o Lantern and 1 ear of corn is required for a Doenut to turn into an orange variant.

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