The Playground is a garden in Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise, managed by Langston Lickatoad. This garden is separate from all three main gardens and also is accessed by selecting the Playground section from the garden menu. However, there is not a separate Playground for each profile, each profile has the same Playground, meaning that if the Playground was already created in a profile the other two can't create a separate profile for the garden, they have to use the one created by the first profile. Lottie, Willy Builder, and Gretchen Fetchem will allow access to their services for free in the Playground. However, the Post Office is not able to be used. Gretchen will allow directly placing piñatas in the garden without her first hunting it. Her list of piñatas to place and Willy Builder's list of houses will include any piñatas discovered in the three profiles or featured in a training episode as well as the Pretztail, Fudgehog, Horstachio, and Fizzlybear. Also, the garden is permanently set to the smallest size that a garden can be.

Playground Creation

Langston's interface for creating the Playground terrain.

Playground Intro

Langston introducing the Playground.

When first entering the Playground, Langston introduces it and gives an interface to quickly set up the terrain to your liking. After this it is impossible to use the interface again to set up the terrain, but it is still possible to use tools such as the Shovel and Surface Packet to customize it. Also, unlike the normal gardens the Soil surface is replaced by yellow Sand, but the sand acts the same as regular soil. Langston then directs the player to Costolot's Store.

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