In Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise you are able to connect to other players and enter their gardens. However, you are not able to interact with another player's garden right away. The actions you can take depends on what Player Permissions the host has selected for you. By default, if a player joins a game and is not a friend of the host the joining player is set by default to have No Permissions, or if the player is friends with the host that player is defaulted to Limited Permissions. The host can set any joining player to have No Permissions, Limited Permissions, or Full Permissions.

No Permissions

A player with No Permissions is not able to interfere with a garden by modifying it. The player's icon will have a red thumbs down next to it. The player can take only these actions.

  1. The player can move the cursor.
  2. The player can view a romance cutscene.
  3. The player can view the journal.
  4. The player can take a picture using the camera.

Limited Permissions

A player with Limited Permissions has the ability to modify the garden with limitations that prevent damaging the garden or interfering with the garden surface. The player's icon is marked with a yellow thumbs up. The player can take the No Permissions actions along with these ones listed below.

  1. Use tools to destroy weeds.
  2. Use a shovel.
  3. Insert a crate into the garden.

Full Permissions

A player with Full Permissions has the ability to do almost all actions a player can do outside of multiplayer mode. The player's icon is marked with two green thumbs up icons. However, the player cannot activate Langston's challenges or enter the Garden Store.

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