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For the phone device found in the TV series, see Piñatameter.

A pinometer is the standard unit of measuring distance in the Viva Piñata series. On a Piñata's info page you can see how many pinometers it has walked since becoming a resident. Square Pinometers are used in measuring an amount of something that you have added to the garden (e.g. grass). Having a large enough area is part of the requirements for a piñata to become a resident, have a romance dance, or stay healthy. Crowded piñatas will become ill if they don't have enough room to roam.

One section of fence is equal in length to one pinometer. The largest garden is 32 pinometers on each side which makes for 1024 square pinometers total. The garden size does not start at this size however, and only increases as the player increases in gardener level.

10 square pinometers (1% of the largest garden) is an area just over three fence lengths on each side.

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