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Pierre Parrybo is a feisty, fiery, fiercely French-accented Piñata. A minor celebrity on Piñata Island, Pierre is often asked to officiate at various contests, fairs, pageants, etc.. This is odd when you consider that between his heavy French accent and his unique mangling of the English language, Pierre is terribly hard to understand. Pierre also has a call-in radio show that is very popular on Piñata Island. Piñata celebrities like Hudson Horstachio often come by to chat with Pierre and take questions from callers. Pierre is also the island's #1 DJ, and can be found spinning ze discs at many of Piñata Island's most popular clubs and biggest celebrations. He can also be found hosting events such as the Sour Ball Soccer championship event and the Party Animals Championship Challenge which is also hosted by Pecky Pudgeon.

He is voiced by Pete Zarustica.


Announce This

Hudson Horstachio, Pierre, and Pecky Pudgeon compete for the position of commentator for the Party Animals Championship Challenge.


  • I am so rockin of ze house!
  • C'est Magnifique! Superb!
  • Ok, time to get some hot chocolate, sit back and watch the calamity!


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