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"Piñatapartyphobia" is the twenty-third episode of Viva Piñata's first season. It originally aired in North America on February 10, 2007.


Today the piñatas are scheduled to see a Piñata Central training video. Fergy Fudgehog arrives at the movie tent just in time for the training video. Disappointed that he didn't miss it, it begins. Throughout the video, Fergy gets progressively more frightened until the piñata from the movie finally gets blasted out of the cannon, which pushes him over the edge and he faints. The pinata gang brings him to Dr. Quackberry's office where Quackberry diagnoses him with "Piñatapartyphobia". Fergy resolves never to go to parties, his friends convince him to take a practice run of Piñata Central. The piñatas establish a knock-off central in Franklin's backyard, in which they torture Fergy with until he is hung upside down.

Next the piñatas and Quackberry decide to visit Pinata Central to take a look around and encourage Fergy to go, during which Fergy tries to eat some of the top-off bin candy, but is stopped by his visitor's badge. He sneaks back and removes the badge to enjoy some sweet candy. But the then the machine thinks that he is a party ready piñata and puts him in the cannon. Things look grim for Fergy but luckily Les reprograms the computer to blast Fergy directly upward... back to Piñata Island! He land back in Quackberry's house but Fergy can't take it anymore and runs away!


  • Teddington (after Fergy faints and 'melts'): I always said this should be rated PG-13.
  • Dr. Quackberry (during Fergy's rehearsal): And here's the top off bin, where Piñatas... *Fergy hits the ground before it head first* fall on their face!
  • Dr. Quackberry (closing line): This doesn't usually happen until they see my bill!


  • Dr. Quackberry has no eyebrows in this episode, but when he appears in later episodes (such as Confetti-itis and Candybalism), he appears to have thick bushy eyebrows over his glasses.


Characters which make their first appearances in this episode are: