Piñatameter With Stick

Ella stamping a sticker to a Piñatameter.

For the unit of distance measurement in the game series, see Pinometer.

A Piñatameter is a smartphone device used by piñatas in the Television series to detect the Candiosity level of piñatas. It has multiple uses, one use is to remind the uses which job the he or she is supposed to do. As seen in Piñatametermania, if the Piñatameter is swapped with another one it can cause the piñata to preform the wrong jobs. It is also a video player, as Paulie Pretztail was able to connect it to Machi Moojoo's antlers to receive a signal from Langston Lickatoad, and also to receive a video message from Dr. Quincy Quackberry while inside Hudson Horstachio's stomach. Another use is as a phone, as Franklin Fizzlybear uses it to call Uncle Phineas. Yet another function is a map, which can scan objects and people, which was used by Bips Barkbark in A Terrible Tribute.


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