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Pecky Pudgeon is a Piñata that is an award-winning news reporter for the Piñata Island newspaper "The Piñata Yada-Yada". He is one of the hosts of the Party Animals Championship Challenge along with Pierre Parrybo, and also the host of the annual Piñata Island Dance Competition. He commonly wears the Reporter's Camera accessory along his neck.

As the top correspondent for Piñata Island's #1 newspaper, The Piñata Yada-Yada, this paparazzi pigeon has an uncanny beak for news. Pecky will follow any lead, dish any dirt, and shadow any celebrity to get a big scoop or shoot a Pulitzer-winning photo. Pecky's not afraid of ruffling a few feathers. More than once Pecky has had his camera broken, his wing dinged, and his beak busted.

He appears to want to capture a humiliating photo of Hudson Horstachio as revealed in the episode Bringing Up Cluckle.



Pecky Pudgeon and Pierre Parrybo hosting the Dance Competition.

He is the host of the annual Piñata Island Dance Competition in Legs.


  • See page six!
  • Oh boy, it’s a non-stop rollercoaster around here!
  • Truly this tricky track takes time, tenacity and determination to tackle.


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