The P-Factor minigame, in which Storkos is about to judge piñatas.

P-Factor is a fashion show mini-game in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise. Four piñatas participate in the match and five judge characters will rate the piñatas in order, giving them points. The one with the most points wins first place. The first four judges are selected by the players, the fifth is selected randomly. If players take too long to select a judge it will automatically be selected.

The P-Factor results screen.

Most of the characters found in the game can be selected as judges for the show, and there are 36 judges to select from. If a potential judge is already playing as a competitor in the match, then the character cannot be selected as a judge in the match. Each judge has different criteria for score.

Some characters only appear in the mini-game modes, including the P-Factor. They are Carrie Chewdini, Sahari, Sparticus, Maxime, Nana Urf, Jeffe, Babochka, Eddie Lizard, and Bear. A. Maracus.

Judge List

  1. Weedling prefers small piñatas.
  2. Leafos prefers lower level (or lower value) piñatas.
  3. Storkos prefers piñatas that can fly.
  4. Sprinkling prefers piñatas that can swim.
  5. Seedos prefers piñatas that have walked (or flown) a lot.
  6. Bart prefers piñatas that are evolutions of other species.
  7. Diggerling prefers non-swimming piñatas.
  8. Ruffian Minion #3 selects a judge at random out of all available judges and copies their preferences.
  9. Ruffian Minion #1 copies the preferences of a judge that is sitting next to them.
  10. Ruffian Minion #2 selects a judge at random that is present during the round and copies their preferences.
  11. Ruffian Minion #4 prefers piñatas that can be tamed from sours.
  12. Doc Patchingo prefers piñatas that have been sick several times.
  13. Miss Petula prefers 'cute' piñatas.
  14. Gatherling prefers piñatas with matching accessories (outfit).
  15. Watchling prefers piñatas that are active during the day.
  16. Night Watchling prefers nocturnal piñatas.
  17. Jardiniero prefers older piñatas.
  18. Willy Builder prefers piñatas that have romanced many times.
  19. Dastardos prefers piñatas which have not been ill.
  20. Professor Pester prefers higher-value piñatas.
  21. Arfur Stout prefers piñatas that do not know any tricks.
  22. Costolot prefers piñatas with no accessories.
  23. Fannie Franker prefers piñatas who have not travelled many pinometers.
  24. Gretchen Fetchem prefers higher-level piñatas.
  25. Langston prefers piñatas with high candiosity.
  26. Carrie Chewdini prefers piñatas that know both of their tricks.
  27. Sahari prefers piñatas that can be found in the Dessert Desert.
  28. Sparticus prefers piñatas that can be found in the Pinarctic.
  29. Maxime prefers large piñatas.
  30. Nana Urf prefers piñatas that are of a lower level/value.
  31. Jeffe prefers piñatas with lower candiosity.
  32. Babochka prefers young piñatas.
  33. Eddie Lizard prefers varianted piñatas.
  34. Bear. A. Maracus prefers non-flying piñatas.
  35. Loather prefers piñatas that have romanced few times.
  36. Ivor Bargain prefers piñatas gotten from Xbox Live Vision.
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