"On a Sour Note" is the twenty-first episode of Viva Piñata's first season.


The Piñatas start a rock band after being tired of not doing anything and become a success after a Sour joins the band as lead singer. The sour is hyperactive and hard to restrain. However, when he becomes a regular Profitamole, Pierce loses his memory and forgets his lines to play at a concert. Franklin Fizzlybear takes over as lead voice.



Gameplay Tips

  • To tame a sour Profitamole, you must have two mushrooms in the garden and have the Sour Profitamole eat a Red Flutterscotch.


  • In the original game, a sour Profitamole can be tamed if there are two mushrooms in the garden and it has eaten a red Flutterscotch. In this episode, a sour Profitamole can be tamed if it eats a toadstool.
  • The Candary Romance Dance music can be heard when the Pinatas are looking through the Rock Weekly magazine.



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