"My Sweet Swanana" is an episode of Viva Piñata's second season.


Paulie Pretztail shows off his new green crystal "Rotten Candy Castle" trophy to Fergy Fudgehog, however his crystal shatters when a surprise guest Rory Rashberry enters. Paulie is annoyed that he said that he could come in at any time, and Rory enters his couch. One month later, the outside of Paulie's home is littered with garbage and Rory is watching Wide World of Roughhousing on TV, and breaks Paulie's neck and attacks him with an "elbow drop" move. A commercial for The Bonboon's Piñata Mate plays and Fergy gets an idea to get Rory to meet up with a girlfriend so that he moves out of his house. The Bonboon obtains data on him and he matches him up with Svetlana Swanana. Rory gets decorated with an outfit. Rory goes on a date with her and starts making a pig of himself when he starts eating. Fergy reminds Rory to make eye contact with her but he pokes her in the eye. The final serving is given and he eats his whole plate and utensils and messily drinks water, and makes a massive belch. He then drags her into Avalanche Valley to go climb a mountain.

Paulie and Fergy come along with him. Paulie gives Rory two opera tickets but he rejects them. Rory and Svetlana go on a tight rope to go to the other side. After a certain time they reach Look Out Point. Paulie and Fergy reach their location and shows a sign to them warns them that having four people on the cliff is not safe. The cliff breaks and the group falls down. Svetlana then confesses her like for the date but Rory interrupts him saying he messed everyone. Svetlana says his date was great and says she truly loves Rory, and drags him in flight. A picture is shot of their new baby Pigxie, which is then shown damaging Paulie's home.



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