"Motivational Beak" is the 25th episode of Viva Piñata's second season.


Eddie Eaglair Carrying Paulie and Fergy

Eddie carrying Paulie Pretztail and Fergy Fudgehog.

Eddie Eaglair was hired by Langston Lickatoad to get Paulie Pretztail and Fergy Fudgehog sent to a party. Langston is very annoyed that Fergy and Paulie have avoided going to parties so much, he hired Eddie. Eddie sends them to a camp where they are ordered to do training missions, to motivate them to go to parties, such as marching to a song, completing an obstacle course, defeating Freddy Flapyak the wrestler, and watching a video that makes them want to go to parties. However, every mission that he tries to make them do end up backfiring and somehow hurting Eddie in some way.

The Old Pretzel Move

Eddie Eglair having "The Old Pretzel Move" performed on him by Freddy Flapyak.

Langston comes into the room and thinks that Paulie and Fergy are screaming when in fact it is Eddie who is screaming due to being electrified.



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