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The Monkeynut tree is a crooked brown tree that produces a light brown and purple fruit called a monkeynut.


Most of the tall Monkeynut tree is dark brown with light brown markings decipting suns at the forks in the stump where the tree's branches grow and peanut-like marking along the stump. It has green leaves.

Surface Requirements

  • Plant needs to be planted in grass, tall grass, or dirt.

How Best to Grow It

Use 1 application of brown fertilizer immediately after planting it, and the tree will instantly be fully catalyzed (3 doses immediately in TiP).

A fully catalyzed monkey nut tree can be sold for 1050 coins.


Monkeynut Seed Uses

There are no uses for a monkeynut tree seed except for growing a monkeynut tree.

Monkeynut Uses

  • Eating 8 monkeynuts helps meet the Cinnamonkey Resident requirements.

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