"Mad Mongo" is the fifteenth episode of the first season of the Viva Piñata television series. It aired in North America on October 21st, 2006.



Mongo in his sour form and his tame form.

The Piñatas discover a mess in the garden, and Franklin Fizzlybear asks if either Fergy Fudgehog or Paulie Pretztail took a bite out of his surfboard by mistake. Paulie Pretztail points out that the mess was caused by a Sour Piñata. Fergy Fudgehog, shocked and scared, exclaims that the Piñatas are doomed. Franklin asks what a Sour is, and Fergy claims that they are wild Piñatas, untamed, uncontrollable, and crazy. Paulie then interrupts Fergy after he found who was responsible for wrecking the garden: A Sour Macaraccoon. Franklin then comments saying that the Sour Macaraccoon is cute, and then it wakes up and then goes crazy by circling around them. Paulie then points out that it is a Sour Macaraccoon. Fizzly then asks what was the sour Macaraccoon's name, and the sour tries to answer by saying Mongo, although it didn't come out quite right. Later on, Franklin takes Mongo back to his place to try to have him tamed for the banquet, but then he finds out that taming Mongo will be tricky. First, he tries to teach Mongo how to tie a necktie, but it backfires when Mongo eats it, and then the rest of the neckties. After Franklin tried everything, nothing really worked. Later, Franklin comes home with a bucket a Cluckles, only to find that his house was a mess and spotted Mongo trying to destroy his pamphlet. Mongo then stops to find the bucket of Cluckles near him, and then eats it, turning him into a regular Macaraccoon in the process.



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