Ah, if it isn't the new gardener in town! You're guaranteed a warm welcome at Costolot's store, whether you're here to Buy or Sell. Which will it be today? Highlight and Select one, and let's get those coins flowing. Happy shopping!

- When entering shop for the very first time

Lottie is a shop owner who owns Costolot's Store. In Costolot's Store, she will sell items such as seeds, fruit, vegetables, tool upgrades, decorations, and more, for Chocolate Coins. She also buys items in exchange for Chocolate Coins (except weeds and Sour Candy for which she will remove for a fee). According to Leafos, Lottie is also the wife of Willy Builder.

After selecting the sell option in Costolot's Store, she will buy items from a garden directly by pressing "y" while having the cursor on an item.




  • Bold denotes TiP Only.
  • Italic denotes Classic/Pocket Paradise Only.

(When entering shop in the morning)

  • "Good morning, can I interest you in something seedy? (laughs) No, I don't mean like that."
  • "Hello! Chocolate cash melting in your pocket? I'll take it, I'm not fussy."
  • "Good morning! How are you today? Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to spend?"
  • "Here to buy or sell. It doesn't matter - I can turn it all into profit."
  • "Here to spend this morning? Don't forget you can visit again this afternoon."

(When entering shop in the afternoon)

  • "Afternoon, come on in. Big spenders welcome, window shoppers... not so much."
  • "Good afternoon, my friend. Today's just raced by, hasn't it?"
  • "What are chocolate coins, if not for spending? I'd spend them here if I were you - better value."

(When entering shop in the evening)

  • "Good evening. So I'm not the only person who can't afford to sleep around here?"
  • "I knew extending the opening hours would pay off! Come in, come in."
  • "My my you're up late. To get a great garden you have to put the hours in, I guess."
  • "I'm still open. Come in and take the weight of chocolate coins off your shoulders."

(When returning to shop after buying item(s))

  • "Love taking coins from... I mean, doing business with you!"
  • "I'm going to see much much money it will take to gold plate my bathroom! I surely have enough money by now."
  • "Transaction's done, no credit or refunds, sold as seen!"

(When hitting the sell limit)

  • "Easy Tiger! You'll have nothing left! Let me pay you for the marked items first, then you can carry on selling."


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