Romancing Minigame

Various red Loather bombs are scattered through the maze.

Loathers are red bombs invented by Professor Pester to make the Romance mazes more difficult and dangerous. If a Loather is hit the piñata takes damage and the player loses a life. Lose all lives and the player loses the minigame and is either kicked out of the maze in the original Viva Piñata, or forced to pay Chocolate Coins to retry or else have to quit in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise.

In some of the Romance mazes some Loathers will home in on the player's piñata if the piñata gets close enough. In some of the Romance mazes some Loathers will be invisible, and are shown only at the beginning of the minigame and if the player holds down a certain button, however revealing invisible Loathers after the player has started locks the player's position and prevents movement of the pinata, as well as doubling the rate at which the time left depletes. There are sleeping loathers in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise where you must slowly walk over them they should be orange.

Loathers are also in the Great Piñata Paperchase racing minigame as usable weapons. A Loather is also a judge found in the P-Factor minigame.

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