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"Legs" is the fifth episode of season 1 of the Viva Piñata television series. It aired in North America on September 9, 2006.


Franklin, Les, and Paulie are over at Fergy's house watching him practice for the dance contest. When Fergy tries the difficult "hold the anchovies" move his legs break off. They visit Prewitt Profitamole to get them fixed, but his legs can't be repaired for a week. Fergy must get loaner legs if he wants to dance in the contest. After rejecting almost all the loaners he must use Cluckles legs.

Fergy with Cluckles legs.

Back at Fergy's house, he struggles to get the legs to work. Paulie then gets the idea to play Cluckles music to get those legs to dance. It works and Fergy proceeds to the dance contest the next day. He does well in his performance and seems unbeatable until Prewitt comes along using Fergy's legs! Prewitt uses Fergy's old moves and his dance score is tied with Fergy. The only way to settle this is a dance off. Fergy and Prewitt seem evenly matched until Fergy gets bold. He tries a "hold the anchovies," the only move that he couldn't execute with his old legs. With tension high he manages to pull it off. Prewitt is unable to match this move and the legs that he stole from Fergy come flying off. Fergy is declared the winner!

Gameplay tips


  • Fergy: Whoa!! I want my old legs back!!!
  • Prewitt: Now, remember to use the-
  • Ella: *Smashes past door without opening it*
  • Prewitt: -door this time....


Characters who make their first appearances in this episode are:


  • Hudson Horstachio does not appear in this episode.
  • Strangely, the Cluckles legs that are stitched to Fergy don't look like the legs of a Cluckles, but rather more like an actual chicken in real life, with red chicken like sticks protruding from an orange base.