Leafos (リーフォス Rīfosu) really wants to help you become the best gardener ever. She gives advice in the beginning of Viva Piñata, teaching you how to play the game, and also giving you tools including the shovel, watering can, and the grass Surface Packet. During the rest of the game she will wander around your garden during the daytime and you can speak to her to hear some of her advice by pressing "a". So don't be afraid to ask her, but beware not everything she says is true. She does help a lot but the gossiping is one of her weaker points. Example, "If you feed a Pretztail a Doenut it will turn into a Mallowolf," but that statement is not true, along with "I heard if you feed a Rashberry 10 Pumpkins it turns into a Chippopotamus."

It is also worth noting that Leafos doesn't take kindly to being watered or whacked; temporarily removing the player's watering can or shovel if she deems it necessary!

She is the daughter of Jardiniero, who is stated to have once been the best gardener on Piñata Island. You meet her at the beginning of the game, and is actually the first character you will encounter upon commencing gameplay. You will find Leafos crying in the middle of your garden (which at that time is a square of dried up and cracked earth) over the state of its neglect and decay (the garden was originally her family's and was a centerpiece of her childhood, hence her distress). After meeting her, she will give you gifts, such as the journal, shovel, grass packet, and the Watering can. These items are all essential to playing the game. If you misuse the watering can or shovel by using it on her, she will get angry, tell you to stop, and even threaten to take away the watering can or shovel if you use whichever it was on her again. If you continue doing so she will take the tool away for about 30 seconds.

She lives with her father in the house made from an oak tree right outside of your garden, which is seen in Viva Piñata.

She has a brother called Seedos and a sister Storkos. One of her quotes mentions that she has a long lost sibling named Stardos.


Leafos was the second child that Jardiniero and Mother had after Stardos was born. She likes the garden so much that she begins to write and draw pictures about it. All that explains how the Journal was created. But now that the garden was ruined, she now helps the new owner with changing the garden back to the way it was, by giving away her hints and tools to the owner.


  • There's your first Alert! Whenever something important is happening, this is how you'll be told.


Leafos TV Series Intro

Leafos as seen in the intro to the TV series.

  • Leafos was briefly seen in the Viva Pinata Television series opening, although she did not appear in any episodes of the show herself.
  • In one of her quotes, she says her favorite game is Grabbed by the Ghoulies, another game Rare made for Microsoft consoles.
  • The Leafos Medallion accessory description mentions that she attempted to get a TV show called Leafos'll Fix It to air on a network, but failed to do so, and as a result there are lots of Leafos Medallion accessories.
  • Leafos says that if she was born a male, her dad would call her Dedos instead.


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