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Langston Lickatoad is one of the main characters of the Viva Piñata TV series. As the official representative for Piñata Central, Langston takes his job as Piñata Wrangler very seriously. There are lots of parties out there in the world just waiting for a fun, Candy-filled piñata, and it is Langston's job to see that the right piñata goes to the right party, in as professional and orderly manner as possible. With characters like Fergy and Paulie screwing with Langston's carefully worked out piñata line-up, things never go as smoothly as he planned, which is why Fergy and Paulie are on the top of Langston's list, along with them managing to outright flunk out of going to any party in their entire lives. Nothing would give him more satisfaction than stuffing these two scoff-party-piñatas into the Cannonata and firing them off to the biggest piñata BASH he can find!

Due to his conflict with Fergy and Paulie, he can be considered the secondary antagonist of the TV series.


  • Don't be tardy or you'll miss your party!
  • A fit piñata is a happy piñata!
  • With great candy comes great responsibility to have that candy bashed out of you!
  • Why do you torture me so?!



Spankston Lickatoad.png

Langston's Hippy-like opposite with a black Afro, wire glasses and a flower necklace. Langston's opposite does not believe in cannons.


  • "Well, You know, I don't believe in cannons, man, but I think I know how to shotgun you back."


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