Just for Fun is a mode in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise. In this mode, all items are unlocked at the beginning, players have an unlimited amount of Chocolate Coins (fixed at a certain number), and Piñatas have much simpler requirements to appear, visit, and become a resident of the garden. Piñata will also show a requirement icon above their heads. The player is always at level 999 in this mode.

The player cannot obtain achievements in a Just for Fun garden, and Just for Fun gardens cannot be played in network multiplayer modes. The player cannot place an empty crate from the Post Office, so items that are in a Just for Fun garden cannot be transferred to any other garden, even other gardens in that mode. Despite this items can be sent to a Just for Fun garden via crates, but items transferred to a Just for Fun garden cannot be transferred to any other garden anymore.

Weeds cannot be purchased from Costolot's Store, and despite this some piñatas require the use or consumption of certain weeds in this mode. Weeds can only be transferred to the garden using crates using the Post Office, thus requiring a normal garden to be created. Also, some piñatas cannot be attracted to a Just for Fun garden, and also must be transferred to the garden in this way.

Sour Piñatas will not roam the garden and cannot be found from the wild. Piñatas won't become sick either in this mode.

The mode can be seen as a counterpart of the Playground in Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise. However, the player can create an unlimited amount of gardens in the Just for Fun mode, and players can only create one Playground garden. Also, in Just for Fun mode the requirements for piñata to enter are different in that mode compared to the main game mode while in the Playground there is no way for wild piñatas to enter the garden.

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