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Ivor Bargain is a character who operates a store of the same name in Viva Piñata and Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise.

Ivor Bargain's store in Viva Piñata.

After reaching level 12 in Viva Piñata, a beggar by the name of Ivor Beggar roams around the garden and Lottie asks the player to get rid of him, after which the player can donate chocolate coins to him. Donating money to him will make him leave the garden for a few days, but if 1,000 Chocolate Coins or more was donated, Ivor Beggar transforms himself into Ivor Bargain and then after opens his shop in the village. His store carries unique more advanced garden items not found at Costolot's Store.

In Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, he does not operate his store and instead lies inside the Wishing Well. All of his items that he sold in the original game is instead sold by Lottie in her Costolot's Store. He does appear in the P-Factor minigame, however, and takes part as a contestant in both the P-Factor and Great Piñata Paperchase mini-games.

With your help, Ivor Bargain has opened his own store! Go to Costolot's Store and select his icon. All manner of new and exotic items are up for sale... - Alert

Ivor Bargain's section of Costolot's Store in Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise.

In Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise, Ivor Beggar first appears at level four, and wants a donation of chocolate coins. After donating to him he will come back to ask for food, and then for clothing materials. Fulfilling all three of his requests will make him transform to Ivor Bargain and be able to sell items in Costolot's Store, such as the Glass Watering Can, Everpour 5000, and One Pour Wonder watering cans. He appears right next to Lottie in her store, and his items can be accessed in a new category called "Ivor Bargain".

Items for sale

Item Price Level Description
Glass Watering Can 1575 12 Clear watering can that never runs out of water.
Joy Sweet 83 12 Candy that makes Pinatas very happy.
Lantern O' Loot 220 12 Increases amount of coins found in garden or mine by nearly 5 times.
Red Eye Rainbow 616 12 Lessens fights between Pinatas in your garden.
Water Waiver 792 12 Lessens water needed for growing plants in your garden.
Everpour 5000 Watering Can 2700 18 Watering can gives plant exact amount of water.
Oak Gate 154 18 Sturdier gate.
Stone Wall 116 18 Sturdier wall.
Chocolate Sniffer 540 N/A Sniffs out coins in your garden.
Dastardos Head 2520 20 Shovel head which dazes Dastardos when he is in your garden.
Special Mix Fertilizer 9 20

Rainbow fertilizer that works on every plant with same methods.

  • Yellow and Orange fertilizers cheaper at 3 coins.
One Pour Wonder 4125 24 Waters plants once to correct amount.
Dastardos Scarer 2310 25 Statue which keeps Dastardos away from your garden for longer than usual.
Captain's Cutlass 11,000 30 Permanently scares Ruffians and Professor Pester away from your garden.
Platinum Shovel Handle 1125 30 Decreases time taken to dig a pond.
Gem 360 34

Grown from a gem tree.

Can be tinkered by Bart to make a rainbow gem.

Gem Seed 248 34

Grows a gem tree.


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