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Hudson Horstachio is a main character in the Viva Piñata TV series. He is the most famous piñata known on Piñata Island, and he is always in demand and frequently double-booked. He is of the most requested piñata species, the classic horse piñata, the Horstachio. As a real Piñata superstar, his popularity leads him on a heavily fixed schedule, with various dates he needs to go to. It's incredibly difficult to get on his calendar - he usually only does the parties of the rich and famous or heads of state. Hudson does like to go to appointments, and one of his pet peeves is when his appointments are canceled.

Despite all of his success, he’s still a stand-up steed, and his friends, Fergy Fudgehog, Ella Elephanilla, Paulie Pretztail, Les Galagoogoo, and Franklin Fizzlybear are always there to keep his hooves on the ground. Because of his celebrity status, Hudson sometimes wears outlandish disguises when out in public. But Hudson is not above using his superstardom to get what he wants. And what he really wants to do is to dance... all the time!

His biggest fan is Beverly Badgesicle. She is usually annoying to Hudson, and he prefers to stay away from her. He also dislikes vacations, as they drive him away from his stardom.


Hudson is a very charismatic and cocky Horstachio. He is extremely confident, almost to the point of narcissism. Hudson really enjoys being the center of attention and becomes jealous easily whenever someone becomes more popular than him.

While he enjoys being pampered, Hudson is not lazy - he is extremely dedicated to his job as an entertainer and genuinely enjoys putting on shows for his fans, as long as it's not something too embarrassing. He is actually so dedicated to it that he hates taking vocations and when he is forced to take a vocation, he eventually starts losing his sanity.

Because of his gigantic ego, Hudson can be rather selfish and self-absorbed, often ignoring the needs and wants of his friends just to be in the limelight. Despite that, he is generally a good friend who just needs a good reality check every now and then.


An old picture of Hudson with Corina Chocstrich at Prom night.

When he was in high school, his girlfriend was Corina Chocstrich.



Horstachio of a Different Color

Hudson smiling after breaking the Grin-O-Meter.

In Horstachio of a Different Color, he got into arms with Hamilton Horstachio when he started canceling Hudson's appointments, and set himself up to win a Horstachio competition. Hudson got depressed and at first didn't want to go to the competition thinking that he would lose anyway. Simone Cinnamonkey had to make him do it anyway. His friends had to force Hamilton to evolve into a Zumbug to disqualify him so that he would get his appointments back.


When his Piñatameter was swapped for Fergy's in Piñatametermania he quickly became depressed due to the lack of superstar appointments and having to do things such as scratching himself when he would rather have others do it for him.

Hudson's Holiday

The episode Hudson's Holiday reveals that Hudson only sleeps for eight seconds each day, and also shows that he dislikes vacations. He was sent to a vacation because of him suddenly and randomly twitching and Simone Cinnamonkey deciding that he needs a break for.


Hudson, Mabel Moozipan, and Shirley Shellybean bloated.

After drinking too much "Shed-No-More" in Confetti-itis he becomes very fat and bloated. He, Franklin, and all of the other piñatas involved had to stop drinking it to return to normal size.

Snail's Pace

Fergy, Franklin, Tina, Teddington, Paulie, Hudson, and Les, all members of the blue team, are surprised by the next replacement player Shirley Shellybean.

Hudson Horstachio is one of the members of the blue team in the Sour Ball Soccer competition which takes place in the episode Snail's Pace.

A Terrible Tribute

Hudson along with Corina in their high school years.

In A Terrible Tribute it is revealed on This Here's Your Life that Corina Chocstrich was Hudson Horstachio's high school girlfriend. Dr. Quackberry comments that most people didn't believe she existed until prom night, and then shows a picture of her and Hudson at the date, which the crowd disapproves of. She then attempts to kiss him but accidently kisses Uncle Hoofy Horstachio instead and swallows a Taffly then spits it out.

At the end of the show he along with the other members on the stage dance.

The Horstachio Who Never Was

Hudson's disguise made by Langston.

Langston discovers a document from Professor Pester that shows his plans to capture Hudson and club him to remove all of his candy. He decides that Hudson cannot be seen ever again and thus he created a disguise for Hudson so that nobody can find him anymore. However, he decides to create a second disguise, Hermano Horstachio, to get his spotlight back, but finds he wants his spotlight as who he really is, Hudson Horstachio, so he removes all disguises and reveals himself in the public. Not five seconds later he really gets captured by Pester, who is scared away by Langston's Professor Pester disguise, and Hudson is found and released.


  • It's me! Hudson! The world's most popular piñata!
  • Well, wherever the party is they'll be excited to see yours truly... and I just had my smile candy-coated, too! [Smiles. His teeth are so shiny they almost blind the others.]
  • Can I cancan? I candy can candy cancan. Hit it Les!
  • I'll simply never meet someone that amazing again, I...[Fergy gives a mirror to Hudson] Hi, who's this?
  • I swear on my exclusive line of personal skin-care products!
  • It's exhausting being famous. Sometimes I barely have time to stare at myself in the mirror.
  • Megastar. Superstar. Rockstar. I'd practically be a constellation.
  • Let's see... says swing a right here. I'll do better than that. I'll boogie right.
  • Over here! I'm in the clear! The lighting is perfect and the camera's on my good side!
  • There's plenty of me to go around!
  • Success never tasted so sweet!
  • I taste as good as I look!
  • My candy's so delicious I just might break myself open!
  • Ah, me!
  • Hey. Famous Horstachio here. Wanna see a little soft-shoe? -- Hudson talking to a Rashberry in Hudson Who-Stachio?
  • Ladies and gentlemen! I have arrived!
  • Hudson Horstachio: Accept no substitutes!



Mudson Horstachio.

The opposite of Hudson, this horse hates his looks and wears a paperbag with eye-holes and sunglasses. He also has opposite ear colors to that of a regular Horstachio. Whenever he takes his bag off others gag and throw-up, despite looking like a regular Horstachio.

Quotes- "Oh, it could be worse, sir, you can end up looking hideous- [Takes off bag] like me..."


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