Cluckles House

The Cluckles Home.

Houses are a type of building that act as a piñata's sanctuary away from predators. A house is a necessity to romance any species. Each piñata species has a different kind of house that only that species of piñata will care about and enter. When it becomes time to sleep if the garden has a house for that piñata species the piñatas of that species will enter the house. A few piñata species such as the Dragonache and the Choclodocus do not have houses, and these pinatas also cannot romance. There is also a "Mystery house" that is first offered when the required pinatas are in the garden, and is revealed to be the Pigxie Home after the Pigxie is obtained.

Houses are built by Willy Builder. They can be placed anywhere in the main garden area that isn't blocked by other objects.

Each kind of house, like most types of buildings, is drastically different in appearance from the rest of the houses. For example, the Smelba Home is a hollow pink perfume bottle with a Smelba sign on the button, while the Whirlm Home is a compilation of pipes with an actual wooden sign next to it.

Smelba Home Inside

The inside of the Smelba Home.

The inside of houses can be viewed in Viva Piñata and in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise. Romance dance cutscenes also take place in the insides of houses as this is where they preform the dance. The insides of houses are also drastically different for each kind of house. Most have beds made of various materials.

When entering a house, a piñata will shrink in size, and will return to normal size when exiting the house.

When a house is built the piñatas of that species will become more happy. Houses can be tapped with the shovel to evacuate any piñatas in the house.

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