Farting Sour Candy

The Candiosity/happiness meter as shown below the cursor focused on the piñata.

Each resident piñata in a garden has a happiness rating, or Candiosity meter in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, that reflects the quality of the care that you have been providing for it. If it stays very sad for a while, it will walk out of the garden and return to the wild, causing it to lose its resident status, and causing you to lose any accessories, stats, and name applied to the piñata.

A piñata's happiness is shown on the happiness meter and in the expression on the face (or the color of the Cannoñata icon in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise) within the happiness meter. You can see the happiness meter when you move your cursor over the piñata. Happier piñata are worth more chocolate coins. You can spot a very sad piñata from a distance -- it will be crying.

Some things that can make piñatas happier are:

  • Naming it.
  • Directing it to eat a seed, flower, fruit, vegetable, or produce that it enjoys.
  • Directing it to a pond.
  • Watering it with the watering can (if it likes that sort of thing).
  • Directing it to eat happy candy or joy candy.
  • Buying it an accessory.
  • Romancing it with another piñata.
  • Building a house for it.

Some things that can make piñatas sad are:

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