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Hamilton Horstachio, also known as Hamilton Zumbug, is the main antagonist of the Viva Piñata TV series episode "Horstachio of a Different Color". He was Hudson Horstachio's archrival, and stole his spotlight, only to get defeated when he turned into a Zumbug after eating too many Blackberries and Daisies.


Horstachio of a Different Color

After some time, Hamilton became the most famous Piñata of Piñata Island. Hudson loses his fame and starts to become depressed. Simone Cinnamonkey tries to book more appointments for him, but Hamilton, who pretends to be Hudson, cancels all his events. Hudson's friends, Fergy Fudgehog, Paulie Pretztail, and Franklin Fizzlybear, see Hamilton take over and come up with a plan. They pretend to be friends with Hamilton, and throw him into serious predicaments. All those events made Hamilton tired as Fergy, Paulie, and Franklin takes him over to Mabel Moozipan's garden. After turning on the light, Hamilton begins to eat blackberries and daisies causing him to transform into a Zumbug. Hamilton was then disqualified from the Horstachio competition allowing Hudson to be declared the winner. Hamilton was then chased by an angry Mabel for ruining her garden.

Hudson Knows It All

Hudson retells his story of how he defeated Hamilton and got his fame back to his friends.

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