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Gooseberry bush is a bush that grows Gooseberries.

How best to grow it

Use 1 application of green fertilizer immediately after planting it. Then wait until the bush shakes its first leaves off and apply another application of green fertilizer. Wait until the bush shakes its leaves off one last time and apply the last application of green fertilizer.


Gooseberry seed uses

Gooseberry uses

Gooseberry fool uses

A gooseberry has many uses, but when you call the Tinker on it, you get a parfait-looking object known as gooseberry fool. You can feed it to a Pretztail and make it turn into a light green variant. you can also feed it to a Candary and turn it blue-green.

Gooseberry bush uses

  • ???

A fully catalyzed gooseberry bush sells for 510 chocolate coins.


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