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The Gem Tree is a large tree that produces Gems.

You can purchase gem seeds or gems from Ivor Bargain, or try talking with Seedos to get a gem seed. There is also a small chance you will get the seed out of the Mine.

Surface requirements

How best to grow it

Use blue fertilizer to help mature your tree. Unlike most trees, however, the Gem Tree only requires one dose of fertilizer, which must be applied the second time the tree creates buds. (Original)

In TiP, it requires 3 doses of blue fertilizer at the third growth stage.


Gem seed uses

Gem uses

Rainbow gem uses

  • Eating 3 rainbow gems helps meet the Chewnicorn Romance requirements.

Gem tree uses

  • 1 gem tree in the garden helps meet the Chewnicorn Visit and Resident requirements.

You can buy a gem seed from Ivor Bargain at gardener level 34 or out of the mine at gardener level 26. See the Ivor Bargain and General Store articles for complete 'Available at level' details for their merchandise.

Any tips to achieve full bonus growth for the gem tree?

The gem tree only requires one dose of fertilizer. It should be applied the second time the tree creates buds. View thread


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