An apple, a type of fruit.

A fruit is food produced by a tree plant. Over time a fully grown tree will generate fruit which will grow in size over time to a specific size. For example, an Apple Tree will generate apples over time. After a fruit is fully grown it will fall down to the ground after a while, though tapping the shovel on the tree will knock any fruit off immediately. Fruit that is not fully grown will be visibly different from a fruit that is fully grown when on the tree, and fruit are not fully grown and knocked off the tree will come out rotten and will break almost immediately after being knocked off the tree. Also, fruit automatically turn rotten over time, or manually made rotten by tapping it with a shovel. Turning foods rotten is required to meet the requirements of some piñata species who may need to eat the rotten food.

When the Taffly eats a fruit, it produces a certain color of fertilizer. This fertilizer can then be used to fertilize growing plants. In Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise, this is the only way to obtain fertilizer.

List of Fruit


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