Freddy Flapyak is a character found in the Viva Piñata TV series. He is a wrestler who is a member of Wide World of Roughhousing which was shown on a TV set in the episode My Sweet Swanana.

Freddy is an incredibly bulky Flapyak, with large muscular arms and a ripped upper body, but his lower body is very thin with stick figure legs. Despite being incredibly top heavy he can still stand on two legs. His teats are also either non existent, or extremely flat and flush with his udder.


My Sweet Swanana

Rory Rashberry Watching Wide World of Roughhousing TV Show

Rory Rashberry watching the Wide World of Roughhousing on TV which shows Freddy Flapyak wrestling a person.

Rory Rashberry is shown watching a Wide World of Roughhousing event which showed Freddy Flapyak wrestling another person.

Motivational Beak

The Old Pretzel Move

Eddie Eglair having "The Old Pretzel Move" performed on him by Freddy Flapyak.

He was hired by Eddie Eaglair to battle Fergy Fudgehog and Paulie Pretztail in a wrestling match. They try to forfeit but he crushes Fergy's arm. They then go into a match with Freddy. However, he was too slow to catch up to Fergy and Paulie and he was smashed and knocked out. He wakes up and performs the "The Old Pretzel Move" on Eddie Eaglair ruining the whole point of the match.


  • Slap me will you! Crush you!


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