Freakata Group

A group of Freakatas.

A Freakata is a Piñata that has parts from another piñata, likely from another species, attached to them, or is visibly deformed from normal for its species in some way such as eyes being placed asymmetrically. They are primarily featured in the episode Heads and Tails of the TV series.

Bodum Barkbark's Fabulous Freakata Show appears to be a showcase of various Freakata people. Hudson Horstachio is abducted and forced into taking part in the Freakata show in the TV series episode Heads and Tails. He and Fergy escape before the show starts and Prewitt Profitamole fused with his Assemblata 19f takes stage instead.

Fergy has the ability to control his body even when his head is detached from the rest of his body, suggesting that Freakatas with parts from multiple piñata people may not be in full control of their modified bodies.

Known Freakata

  • Deformed Shellybean
  • Hudson + Fergy: Hudson's head was detached and then reattached to Fergy's body.
  • Fergy's Head
  • Profitamole + Juicygoose
  • Cluckles + Arocknid
  • Prewitt + Assemblata 19f
  • Prewitt + Assemblata 19f + Bodum


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